After being a CEO for over 20 years, I now get to help other people who run companies lead more productive, fulfilling lives.

Ed Cox

I lead groups of successful, motivated business owners in the Central Coast of California;

The “Tree House Group” is for independent professionals and the “Insight Group is for CEOs and Presidents of medium-sized companies. Also, I am pleased to be able to work with a very limited number of highly motivated leaders in a coaching relationship.

I have become passionate about finding ways to help small and medium-sized businesses to be successful. And one category of small business near to my heart is the “independent professional.” We are on our own with no employees. We are helping other people and organizations, and we do nearly everything ourselves to make that possible.

My blog and a big part of my professional focus is on providing ideas, tools, and support for fellow independent professionals and leaders in small to mid-sized companies. Sharing best practices and lessons learned can help us navigate the decisions we face every day. After all, we are a significant part of the world economy.

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