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Can You Say More With Questions? — 6 Comments

  1. Ed,
    As the others have commented this post was so timely! I greatly appreciate the reminder to get back to the basics…well timed and thoughtful questions that provoke greater insight on the part of my clients are essential. It also helps me to step out always feeling like I have to have an answer – AND, it makes the consulting/coaching process more of a mutual learning experience for me and the client. Thanks! Deb

  2. And, sometimes, just sometimes, by asking a question, and “teaching your client how to fish”, you are able to completely fulfill your consulting or service obligation – the ultimate goal and best outcome for all!
    Nicely said, Ed.

    • Sammy,
      It’s hard for me not to want to “give more” by giving more advice. It takes courage to ask a question and then just “wait.” And to consider an engagement fulfilled simply by asking questions could be the ultimate!
      Thanks for your input. –Ed

      • This reminder about questions was so timely for me Ed! Thank you. I used it immediately in my coaching session with a client Monday and she said she was building a foundation for herself! Terrific. I then thought I would read up on circular questioning again, and purposefully focus on all kinds of questioning with my clients over the next 4 weeks or so as a mindful expansion of my own coaching capacity.

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