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How I Learned To Say “No” — 12 Comments

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  2. U-S-A works for me (when I remember to use it).

    “Jim, can I get you to _______ ?”

    I understand your need, and here’s my situation. (I’m busy, under deadline). Let me offer an alternative.


    Works well for those “immediate/urgent” requests that interrupt your day.

  3. This has been the hardest thing for me. “If I say no, maybe the client won’t come back with that next project…” Instead, I have spent time doing things that aren’t among my core areas of expertise; resulting in a low level of enjoyment; and it kept me from moving forward with my main goals. Thanks for the advice!

  4. Where were you when I needed this wisdom? I’m completely overloaded this week with a looming deadline on a time sensitive project all because I failed to say no. These are great words of wisdom. I’m printing this out and pinning it on the bulletin board next to my desk. Thank you, my friend!

    • Ron,
      You are such an important contributor to the community that I imagine that many people would be inviting you to do many things!
      Good luck with controlling your overload!

  5. Ed, I think I need to block out time to re-read this post every other week to keep me saying no! Just when I think I have it figured out, I fill up the space I made by saying no earlier. If only there weren’t so many interesting things to do and causes to support and people to meet in this world…

  6. Ed: eager to comment especially if it helps you. I have been lucky to have you as friend, professional expert in family businesses and families in general , especially where sticky relationships are involved. Your advice and partipation in periodic survey research of FBC members has been extremely helpful.

    I find saying “no” is helped by prioritizing my goals/interests and if the request is outside those goals, it’s easy to say “no.”

    All the best.

  7. Excellent tools, Ed. I will also sometimes block out ‘open’ time in my calendar and make it just for me. That way I have already made the commitment ‘in writing’ to myself. Thanks for including me in your beta blog!

    • Richard,
      I can’t tell you how hard it was for the first time to block out time for myself. Now it’s much easier and it sure helps. Thank you for your comment.

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