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The Way it Begins is the Way it Goes — 6 Comments

  1. It’s interesting that we all need “permission” to let a client go, simply because our clients are our livelihood. From experience, I know it is OKAY to listen to those red flags and move on to clients who also have respect for you.

    • Thanks for the comment, Haley.
      As we build our businesses, we see every client as an important opportunity. Once we are more successful, it is very difficult to learn to be selective and say no to a client opportunity.

  2. Of course, there are times we genuinely see those red flags, but ignore them. We think “she’s a knock-out” or is a “good friend of a good friend” or we really “need a new customer” and decide to let her in only to be constantly reminded of those earlier red flags we ignored. That is when the real test occurs – what do you do about the mistake you’ve made?!

  3. So true! And in real estate, when prospects exhibit positive early behaviors, I try to take notes; for instance, “likes to crunch numbers” or “spends lots of time at each house” so that I am prepared for our second meeting. But your post is a good reminder to me to key-in to the red flags of not telling the absolute truth about their finances or about their level of commitment to purchasing something. I will follow up with these prospects once and if I do not get a convincing response, I move on to the next lead.

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